Marta Debski—Senior Account Executive

Through her motivation, enthusiasm and work ethic, Marta strives to not only reach desired client and agency results, but to also achieve beyond. As a senior account executive, Marta drives the media relations and editorial programs for clients ranging from progressive startups to established enterprises spanning industries such as MarTech, Big Data, DevOps, Networking and more. Additionally, Marta supports the customer advocacy, speaking and awards programs on her account teams, as well as the social media and event planning programs for the Kulesa Faul agency.

Prior to joining the Kulesa Faul team, Marta spearheaded the creation and development of the public relations department for a health tech startup in San Francisco. Marta earned Bachelor of Arts degrees in both communications studies and English from the University of Michigan—Ann Arbor. Outside of the office, Marta is a voracious reader, cautious glutton and sports fanatic (Go Blue!).

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