At Kulesa Faul, we incorporate our core values into everything we do. We are crazy about our work in PR, social, and content, and innovate daily to provide our clients with the best and boldest recommendations. Outside of our client services, we are a group of passionate dreamers who care deeply about the environment, our community, and employee welfare. Happy, fulfilled employees produce better work and create an inviting, thriving environment, and we are consistently striving to become (and achieving status as) a great place to work.

We work to promote additional opportunities to seek purpose for our employees and our organization as a whole by facilitating a culture of stewardship and responsibility.  That’s why we are extremely excited to announce the launch of our own Corporate Social Responsibility program: ethosKF!

What’s In Store
What can you expect to see from Kulesa Faul in 2016 and beyond? We’ll be spending the next few months establishing our baseline (what awesome things we are already doing), and outlining our environmental, social, and governance objectives moving forward by setting short-term and long-term organizational goals. From there, we will track our progress year over year, ensuring that ethosKF not only meets our “feel good” goals, but also achieves a lasting impact on the environment, our society, and our employees.

Non-profits we actively support: